Housing Waitlist

2021.10.24 19:53 WhollyClumsy Housing Waitlist

Hi everyone. I’m transferring back to FIU Spring 2022 and am currently #37 on the waitlist for Everglades and #34 for LV. Is it likely that I will be able to get housing? I’m an out of state student.
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2021.10.24 19:53 ZoolShop Daily infections are down on last week as government

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2021.10.24 19:53 Tyrantking6 What's this song?

At 9:38 theres a song playing in this cat video and man it awoke some deep memory in me but I can't for the life of me remember what the song actually is, any help would be appreciated haha. https://youtu.be/umoPZve1KYc?t=578
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2021.10.24 19:53 Freakachu258 Today this new hairstyle popped up. Does anybody know where ist came from? Ist wasn‘t there yesterday

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2021.10.24 19:53 Random-person-3 What does your rating average peak at?

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2021.10.24 19:53 GraceUndeserved Why is it that God is more personal in suffering?

We know that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Is it just me, or do we look to him more for the answers in our weaknesses?
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2021.10.24 19:53 BeneficialPop4376 🏳️‍🌈 Friendly housing/ room for rent

Looking for roommate comfortable with 🏳️‍🌈 lifestyle. Apartment near the hospital with unfurnished room available. Utilities included. Must be comfortable with living with a dog. Send pm for details.
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2021.10.24 19:53 fatal-melody >:)

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2021.10.24 19:53 99Years_of_solitude Is it possible

Do you think that Above & Beyond will make a special appearance on Andrew Bayer's set tonight?
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2021.10.24 19:53 WitnessNatural1862 If you meet the love of your life in internet and that person said he/she was 2 years older than you (lie) would you get mad?

For example you fsll in love with her using internet, she says she's 32 and you're 30, and when you meet her in person she's actually 28, what would you do?
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2021.10.24 19:53 Nador_Titzoff 34M/USA/CST - Lookin' For Folks To Game with (Far Cry 5, DayZ, Dark Souls 3, Dying Light)

Hola! I'm lookin for some folks to play some multiplayer games with. I'm a chill lab rat lookin to move pixels with others. Lookin' for some folks to game/play with whom are **talkative** and are willing to play different games from time to time. A MIC is preferred but not a total necessity. I'd prefer that ya be at least 20+! I also wouldn't mind just chillin' in a Discord chat etc when not gamin' if interested.
Steam/PC games I have:
- Outward
- Fallout 76
- SCUM (have barely gotten into)
- Far Cry 5
- Dark Souls 3
- Dying Light
- First Class Trouble (Among Us like game)
- Red Dead Online
- Friday the 13th: The Game (played a bit of)
- Dead By Daylight (prefer the killer)
- DayZ SA
- Tabletop Simulator (never played)
- The Forest
- Guild Wars 2 (lookin to get back into, was last lvl 14 ish)
- Borderlands 2
- 7 Days To Die
- Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod
- Plenty More (Just Ask)
If ya made it this far message me ur Steam and/or Discord names if interested!
Discord: TeFlon180#9399
Steam friend code: 128122438
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2021.10.24 19:53 Ok_Connection_3274 Aero 15 fn volume keys not working

The fn Vol keys have stopped working, all other fn keys like brightness and airplane mode work fine. what can I do to fix this?
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2021.10.24 19:53 floatingje11y i started a deep-chat podcast and just made an episode on how i heal from my trauma. just thought i’d share it here in case it helps someone 😊 it’s on spotify, apple podcasts etc as well for those that like audio only. hope you’re all staying safe 💜

i started a deep-chat podcast and just made an episode on how i heal from my trauma. just thought i’d share it here in case it helps someone 😊 it’s on spotify, apple podcasts etc as well for those that like audio only. hope you’re all staying safe 💜 submitted by floatingje11y to traumaticchildhood [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 19:53 purple_rodent Armorer Platypus + Krinkov Build

Hello. I have decided to go for an armor sniper build. The Krinkov is modded for 100 stability, and 84 accuracy, which I believe is the maximum since I don't have DLC. Feel free to suggest another Non-DLC secondary, as long as it can melt dozers in one magazine.
I am willing to switch doc bags for FAK, but I think doc bags are better because health isn't that important for armor builds. Let me know what you guys think.
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2021.10.24 19:53 alphapineapple01 800m training

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2021.10.24 19:53 trinanine At least they got Ryan Newman's name right.

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2021.10.24 19:53 stin556 xqc

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2021.10.24 19:53 Gold-Language-5473 Watchout 8BitRyan, Frank's coming.

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2021.10.24 19:53 AnonoymousA am I in the "friend zone"

I'm a 24 from Germany since college, my English is not great, I don't know much about what's normal, socially in United States. I live in Texas FWIW.
I asked girl I knew a bit to the movies after long day of texting, offered to drive (she accepted, though she has a car). I bought the tickets, she offered to split, I said don't worry, and it was ok. we spent an hour hanging out after at her place, we agreed to meeting up in the future.
however, English isn't my first language. I never specified "date" (big mistake looking back I know) and she says "dude" "bro" "bruh" all the time. my English is bad, but this is friend zone language right? she's 24 from california. she also texts me first often (I'd say maybe 40% of the time).
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2021.10.24 19:53 Wisdomoguzie Unreal Finance partners with multichain DeFi data network Unmarshal

Unreal Finance partners with multichain DeFi data network Unmarshal Read More: https://unrealfinance.medium.com/unreal-partners-with-multichain-defi-data-network-unmarshal-ab6c27d54cf2

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2021.10.24 19:53 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White R3MX GXT] [Heat Lighting] [Night Terror] [Mendoza Pro]

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2021.10.24 19:53 ThriftstoreGestapo_ In Japan, a committee of journalists and rights activists issues an annual "corporate raspberry award" known as Most Evil Corporation of the Year Award (also called the Black Company Award) to a company "with a culture of overwork, discrimination and harassment".

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2021.10.24 19:53 YawningTerror We need to develop, friends. It's time to think about the future. I was interested in the H3RO3S platform. And that's why

It is already clear to all of us that we are gradually sinking from reality into the virtual world. The cryptocurrency is at its best and does not give up its positions. I thought it was time for me to apply my powers somewhere, as well as some capital.
After reviewing many proposals, I became interested in H3RO3S project.
Users on the platform can get up to 1500 American dollars per month, just completing tasks for H3RO3S platform.Users can grow from Alpha stage, in which they earn more than 3 American dollars per task, at the prestige stage where they gain the ability choose tasks yourself. People are rewarded for requesting tasks,performing tasks and using the platform customizing your profiles or creating your heroes. So this is a win-win. Users can make money through tokens by completing tasks and they receive money immediately after withdrawal of their earnings. That is, there is no problem with this, and this is very important for me personally.
Do you agree with me?
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2021.10.24 19:53 Plane-Tie-9994 Anyone Else Experience This?

Has anyone else experienced writing code and the program keeps telling you it's wrong but you don't know why? And it like gives you an explanation but for some reason your brain can't comprehend that explanation and then you go back and rework ONE SIMPLE LINE, and suddenly it works?????? Like I felt so dumb for a good 5 minutes I was like "Maybe I just shouldn't program I don't know why I started" and it was just me not looking hard enough.
I don't know I hope I'm not alone because I really don't want to be bad at programming and I want to make it my career but I got stuck on the most SIMPLE freaking coding error. It's putting so many doubts in my head and I'm just hoping its common yknow?
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2021.10.24 19:53 dearannie4 I LOVE MY CATTTT

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