Mermaid, me, acrylic on canvas, 2019

The Mermaid London is a leading conference and events venue in the City of London. As blank canvas, multi-room venue, we have spaces where you can build the perfect environment to learn, play, laugh, think, shout, work, create and bond. Our rooms are completely adaptable, and our team is creative and always ready to help. This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features a contemporary take on the Little Mermaid fairy tale. Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. The attainable excellence that Giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original piece. Choose your favorite mermaid paintings from 7,559 available designs. If you're a fan of the salt life or like the stories of mermaids, adding some thematic artwork to your home helps it reflect your personality. Consider a whimsical mermaid scene to adorn your master bathroom. If you have a child who likes mermaids, an abstract colorful piece would be great for the bedroom or play area. Ariel is an independent young mermaid who spends her days with Flounder and Sebastian, singing and dreaming of another world. Despite the obstacles in her way, she risks everything to explore the shore above. Pioneering digital fabric printing in 2005, today Mermaid Digital Printing LLC Is the largest digital fabric printing facility In the Middle East with production houses In Dubai & India. Embracing the ‘Go Green Go Fabric’ initiative Mermaid Digital Printing LIC offers a wide spread of services, including design consultancy, color matching ... Mermaid Tails,Mermaid Tails for Swimming Girls Swimsuit Princess Bikini Set Bathing Suit Swimmable Costume (No Monofin) 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,003. ... Ella Canvas. Disney Mermaid Vibes Sailor T Shirt, Casual Fall Tops, Ocean Graphic Tee Shirt for Women. 4.3 out of 5 stars 11. $18.99 $ 18. 99. Get it Wed, Oct 27 - Tue, Nov 2. Find 46 ways to say MERMAID, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Screencap Gallery for The Little Mermaid (1989) (1080p Bluray, Disney Classics). Updated on September 1 2013 with brand new 1080p BluRay caps! Get inspired by color combination Mermaid Lagoon and create a design. Completely free and completely online. Squishmallows 20" Hello Kitty Mermaid Ultra-Soft Spandex and Polyester Fill "Marshmallow” Like Polyester Stuffing Machine Washable RecommendedAges: 3+

2021.10.24 17:55 missayan Mermaid, me, acrylic on canvas, 2019

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2021.10.24 17:55 Fibro225 Android: List of things that are automatically backed up?

Hi guys, so I'm confused here. My phone is filling up on storage and it's time to delete. However I just realised that Google photos has backed up all my saved Facebook images. Searched online and Google Photos backs up everything in the DCIM? Also my SD card is automatically backed up.
Nowhere does it say that it is doing this, so where do I find out a full list of what it is backing up?
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2021.10.24 17:55 williamleclerc567 SHAQ DRIVER OF THE DAY!!!

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2021.10.24 17:55 letsGoFi Semana toda com essa mensagem no windows update.

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2021.10.24 17:55 Crypto_Godx So i figured out why My LLA suck now.

i got the error #1885533 on my adsets that because facebook now requires LLA expansion and detailed targeting expansion
the thing is how the hell am i supposed to advertise and actually get results with these two on? thats insane.
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2021.10.24 17:55 Sacramento-Throwaway Apparently, this is when shit's supposed to start getting real

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2021.10.24 17:55 ErdnaOtrebor Real

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2021.10.24 17:55 One_Force1903 can a hacker mess up your instagram story?

can a hacker mess up your instagram story?
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2021.10.24 17:55 Artistic_Scarcity_53 Then we are going to show him that we don't need him.

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2021.10.24 17:55 kliba Thirsty boi

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2021.10.24 17:55 Shot_Strategy_5295 Luna Blockchain is congested? (Binance)

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2021.10.24 17:55 TheBlackNumenorean How to acquire Hjerim without Blood on the Ice (PC)

completequest ms11 

setstage a7b33 10 
This will remove 12,000 gold, give you the key, and the decorating guide.

prid df495 disable 
The prid command targets a collection of objects whose presence determines whether Hjerim is in its abandoned state. The disable command removes all the objects.
Hjerim is now fixed up and all yours.
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2021.10.24 17:55 Cuckboy9000 // PRT

Alright all you ape degenerates out there, as the bull is prepped and time dwindles, I have just enough time to showcase the coin that’s going to make you a millionaire this bull run: PRT
>native coin of luxury NFT auction house of the future
>’s CEO Jason Rosenstein is a OG rare pepe architect who’s created collections marketcap is worth $50,000,000 pre Sotheby’s
>he also worked on the board of a Epstein shell company at the age of 19 and is responsible for designing some of the first bitcoin mining rigs
>January - March PRT went from half a cent to 25 cents. Changed my life forever
>however a black swan event involving a cease and desist letter from DC, coupled with the market tanking, resulted in a full retrace
>now, months later, Portion is back to swinging dick status with their recent and hugely successful Wiz Khalifa NFT drop (pictured)
>working directly with Joe Lubin and his new NFT L2 solution Palm. Portion is the first marketplace to adopt this blockchain which is also utilized by DC, Damien Hirst, Space Jam, among others. It signals that Portion is being let back into the fold.
>Saffron V2 is days away. The only ETH pool that will be available on this renowned Defi platform is PRT-ETH
>Users will lock their PRT up in the liquidity pool, and then they are going to release huge news to pump the price to insane heights, just like last time.
I’m about to make it again on PRT, anon. Are you?
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2021.10.24 17:55 Defiant-Inflation563 on shohei's "i want to win" comments: does a part of you worry about how it unintentionally affects the teammates?

In light of the some new clips from the Japan NHK documentary he reiterates "I can't enjoy if we don't win" & in addition to his infamous "I love the atmosphere ...but more than that I want to win" comments from this season, I can't be the only one who thinks about how it must affect his teammates, if at all? have other star players like mike trout expressed himself like this in the past?
i don't see him being the type to 'abandon' a team in any way, since he's also had his fair share of struggles that they supported him through, but i also agree that as an organization, all the angels players deserve better. they need to be great as a team, not just 2 superstars + the entourage. i'm hoping the frustration is from the whole clubhouse and will become the fuel to be the competitive team they deserve to be next year!
would love to know your thoughts! [NO HATE SPEECH TOLERATED]
View Poll
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2021.10.24 17:55 Feeling-Confusion-25 Happy anniversary to one of the best and most nostalgic games I’ve ever played. it’s been years since I’ve first played this, and I really can’t express how much this game means to me.

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2021.10.24 17:55 diinnocencio [FOR HIRE] I have some slots open, $30 USD for Full body commissions and 20$ for icons. Dm me if interested !

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2021.10.24 17:55 bob3638y Stop being milkist there’s choccy milk and cow milk

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2021.10.24 17:55 alx69 [Rap] #Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters that QB Patrick Mahomes cleared the concussion protocol. Reid called it a coach’s decision to hold him out.

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2021.10.24 17:55 7619Rene 😻Anneke Van Giersbergen By Rob Snijders

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2021.10.24 17:55 Gullible_Western7147 Do you think The Neverhood also deserved to have a bootleg with a notable Game Over? Or, THREE notable Game Overs?! And now it's got! (Translation in the comments)

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2021.10.24 17:55 Goddess257 I love power

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2021.10.24 17:55 throwawaytgdhf [PubQ] Someone got there first!

Hi all, I’m really down about this so I thought I’d share and get some thoughts. I’ve spent the last year working on a book I am really excited about. I truly believe it is marketable and strong enough to be a good debut. It is an ownvoices book so it’s also something very dear to my heart and something that’s taken a lot out of me to write. The thing is, another debut author announced something very similar conceptually, releasing next year. I don’t want to give it away (and I feel like it’s very easy to find with even bare minimum details) but it centres around something that follows very classic conventions that most people use. I managed to get an ARC of the book and I’m reading it— it has similarities. It’s obviously not the same, I don’t think that’s possible, but enough that I have no idea what to do now. My manuscript is in its final stages before querying. I’m upset, a bit irrationally so considering they are far from carbon copies but I wanted to find out if my manuscript has basically gone down the drain now? I recognise it might be hard to tell without knowing the degrees of similarity in specific but my hands are completely tied with providing that without making the other book obvious. In actual content and structure, I think 10% similar but the idea is 80%. Any thoughts would be welcome! Thanks.
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2021.10.24 17:55 LegitCoder1 You can lead the horse to water, but you cant make them drink it!

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2021.10.24 17:55 Financial_Knee4379 Vaccine mandates aren't discriminatory when you choose not to get vaccinated

Recently, in my country, they have started proposing vaccine mandates. Soon, to get into bars, restaurants, clubs or anywhere public, you'll have to show proof of vaccination. Alot of people seem to think that this is the government discriminating against them, but it isn't.
Discrimination is defined by Oxford as "the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability."
By choosing NOT to get the vaccine, you have chosen to put your own selfish interests (not including people with medical exemptions of course) before those of your country, and the very fact that these people made that choice shows it isn't discrimination. They could instantly have the same rights to access public places, if they choose to get vaccinated.
This is not only harmful to the global and national populations, but it is also disrespectful to the people who experience genuine discrimination, and it takes away the spotlight from those issues to follow these selfish people.
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2021.10.24 17:55 Flomosho anon realised normies are based

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