Looking for advice on direction I should focus.....

2021.10.24 18:40 Tigernutz1979 Looking for advice on direction I should focus.....

(No spoilers please!)
Hi all!
So, my current state of play is as follows:
I have 3 parties with 2 cores (level 5 and level 4) and just set up my first farming party on one of them which seems to run smoothly. I have unlocked Mirt, Vajra & Strahd - buying 3 time gate pieces and 1 modron chest per week atm.

My roster is here: https://res.cloudinary.com/dt2w0igif/ic/v-fPkuDWg8.png
So I'm guessing there are a number of things I can focus on, and I'm looking for some advice as to where the community would suggest I should go. More champions? (I have 81 pieces atm) Getting Ulkoria? Pushing into Descent into Avernus? Starting the other 2 campaigns? Getting Vajra and Strahd Modron chests unlocked? Push my favour up? Completing Patron variants? Something else entirely?
Thanks for taking the time to read the wall of text, apologies it ended up as big as it did, and thanks in advance for any advice!
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2021.10.24 18:40 btcash- selling cheap exploits $5-$10

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2021.10.24 18:40 HamishWarne [Highlight] Murray converts the 3rd & 24 with a 42 yard throw to AJ Green

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2021.10.24 18:40 Away-Environment1812 Does anyone wanna trade

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2021.10.24 18:40 aceartisttara New to Crypto

I recently bought some ETH but, to be honest, I’m not sure what to do with it. Do I just let it sit in my CB account or do I invest it somewhere? Would love some guidance if anyone is willing to give some advice.
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2021.10.24 18:40 exforded7 Allah yeni bir Allah yaratabilir mi? Yaratırsa ve yeni yarattığı Allah onu yok ederse kendini yok etmiş olur (bu da her şeye gücü yetmediği anlamına gelir). Eğer ki yaratamazsa olay yine aynı kapıya çıkar. Yaratabilir ancak yaratmak istemezse de yok edilmekten kaçındığı için olabilir mi?

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2021.10.24 18:40 No_Caramel_4951 Live singing with energy

Hi everyone! I've been rehearsing with my band, which is going well and I have no troubles doin my parts when I'm standing still. However, I'm having issues when I start moving, jumping, dancing, etc. I am running out of breath and struggling to hold notes. I'm starting to run in hopes to improve my breath support. Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I sing while on my runs? Or is there something else I should be doing. Thank you!
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2021.10.24 18:40 m_j_d83 Hope this helps what do you guys think

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2021.10.24 18:40 Junefullmoon Pretty much how feel is the #1 thought through out the day for moms with littles

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2021.10.24 18:40 AliSara53888 Getting the job I want in blood banking?

Hello all, I would appreciate some advice about what to put on my resume to get a job at a blood donofulfillment center. I was a generalist for a year and did a lot of antibody workups and some phenotyping. For the past two years I've been in core lab and I need out. How do I highlight‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­my experience from two years ago? Is the core lab work worth anything in this scenario? Thank you so for taking some time to help me
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2021.10.24 18:40 OkCharacter2243 Shame on biden

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2021.10.24 18:40 keveny17 [XBOX SERIES X|S] [26/32] COACH MODE s1 week 2

Are you looking for a league with a realistic experience? Come join the NFL Sim League! PLEASE NOTE! This is not a user league, we play games as a coach so we call plays and let the cpu play out the call so please take that into consideration before joining!
In this franchise we all play as a coach while in "Coach Mode" (Main Menu > Settings > Game Options > Gameplay Helpers > Coach Mode) - We just call the plays and let the CPU execute! We play 12 minute quarters. (Fair simming is allowed if you prefer it)
We are currently on week 2 of the first season advancing at 10pm EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Join today and take control of one of the available teams and see if you can out-coach your opponents!
We use Discord to communicate. Leave a reply here or message me and I will invite you to our Discord server, and we'll get you on your way to becoming the next coach in the NFL Sim League! ​
Teams available are on a first come, first serve basis: Bucs - Lions - Seahawks - Steelers - Vikings - Packers
PLEASE NOTE! We are looking for active users, if you cannot commit time to checking the Discord every day for @'s and messages then please reconsider joining the league, thanks. Again this is a league for only Xbox Series X|S!
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2021.10.24 18:40 Ajkrouse How Well Do The Women of 'Ted Lasso' Know Each Other?

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2021.10.24 18:40 PhotonWolfsky Mobile data stops working when cable modem turns off

You would think it's just a coverage issue, but when my Xfinity modem is on and connected, my Verizon data is smooth and fast.
The moment the Xfinity modem is disconnected, power goes out, or if Comcast themselves are having an issue affecting my cable connection, my Verizon data also stops working. 4G still lights up normally but websites and apps either load slower than primordial dial-up or time out altogether.
I'm having trouble understanding why these two separate services are seemingly connected. It's rather annoying having unlimited data and not being able to use it when my cable goes out, or more importantly, when power goes out.
For the record, I've tried restarting my phone, airplane mode, disabled wifi, etc. Nothing works.
Any ideas on what might be causing this?
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2021.10.24 18:40 lizardl0unge (SELLING) Carlito's Way 4K, Green Knight 4K and HD, Protege 4K, and Snake Eyes 4K

Venmo, Google Pay or Cash App.
All codes are full and not split.
Carlito's Way 4K MA: $7
The Green Knight HD Vudu: $7
The Green Knight 4K Vudu; $9
The Protege 4K Vudu: $10
Snake Eyes 4K Vudu: $11
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2021.10.24 18:40 wearyeerie Physics 191 Curving

Does Physics 191 curve the grades at the end? I heard than a few years back they did but I am not sure now if they do because it seems like they're pretty strict lol
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2021.10.24 18:40 SnailDancer Brain development and Kendra’s baby rocket.

I’m a few days younger than Kendra and I had a family member recently get engaged. When the news came out my mom asked me if I was ever going to get married. I joked with her about wanting me to be a child bride. I explained to mom I have a hard rule for myself, I’m not getting married until I’m 27 at the youngest. Your brain doesn’t finish developing until then so I’m not making any life long decisions (other than to take out 10s of thousands of dollars in student debt lol) until then.
This got me thinking. Kendra has 3 kids already and pops them out once a year essentially. So by the time her brain finishes cooking she’ll have pooped out 7 crotch goblins and will be “homeschooling” the oldest 3. That is terrifying.
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2021.10.24 18:40 j-r44 New auto mod response?

Seriously, what the fuck is up with you cunts? Every fucking time you mention United or Ole the defeat is always on your fucking minds, you're all fucking obsessed with five goals in history, wanking over your smug, despite most of you not even obtaining the title this season. We were fucking unlucky, that's all, we just happened to be in an ultra competitive season unlike almost no other - wrong place, wrong time. Oh but laugh at us. If it was any other club, you'd all be pondering what could have been, like an injuryless Martial. But nope, because it's United, and we were getting emotional after a very stressful past couple of seasons, you laugh at us, and a club legend that stayed loyal and treated his supporters like family. You suck off Totti etc for being loyal, but Ole, who was one of the best strikers of his generation, you give him undeserved shit. You should have been fucking happy for his passion and joy he got after the Atalanta win, but no, you utterly humiliate him for nothing more but a poor choice of tactics. I felt sorry for Norwich after the 7-0 despite them being shite, mostly because I didn't want Chelsea to win but also because it must have been a footballer's nightmare that nobody should relive.
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2021.10.24 18:40 evilblackcat13 General Wig question

Hello so lately I’ve done a cosplay of Futaba Sakura and barely a few hours in it was already tangled so… how do you make a wig life-proof?
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2021.10.24 18:40 CardsAreCool SP+ has Louisville ahead of Kentucky

Like the title says, Bill Connelly's SP+ has Louisville ahead of UK by 0.1 pts. Why does that matter?
SP+ is a forward looking metric used to predict the results of games. Based on his modeling, on a neutral field Louisville is 0.1 points better than UK. Add in about 2.5 pts. for home field advantage and Louisville should be favored by about 2.6 pts. when we play the Cats later this year.
I know what you're saying, any modeling system that has 6-1 SEC Kentucky as an underdog to 4-3 ACC Louisville has to be wrong. How can that be? The simplest answer is post-game win expectancy. Post-game win expectancy means you toss the statistics for a game up in the air, look at them blind, and then determine how many times your team would win a game out of 100. It's easiest to explain with an example, take two Louisville losses Ole Miss, and Virginia.
In the Ole Miss game, Louisville was thoroughly demolished from the start and was never really able to get back in the game. Louisville's post game win expectancy was just 4%. Given how the Cards were crushed in Atlanta, that seems about right.
In the Virginia game, Louisville was up 17 in the 4th quarter and had to absolutely collapse to lose that game. Louisville's post game win expectancy was 98%. That collapse by Louisville is not generally indicative of the strength of Satterfield's team.
On the records those both go down as losses, but it's much more predictive if you look at those post game win expectancies and treat the UVA game as a 98% win.
UK on the other hand relied on a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown, an interception to set up a short field, and Wandale Robinson breaking an explosive play for their three touchdowns to beat Florida. Most of those are not very repeatable or reliable so even though they won the game, Kentucky's post-game win expectancy was only 40%.
Why should you care and why am I writing this?
According to the two teams are about equal. The difference is the 2.5 point home field advantage. Please show up if you can on November 27, and let's end the season with a bang. I really don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of big blue buffoons for that game. Show up, be loud, and let's be the boost the team needs to get over the edge.
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2021.10.24 18:40 TaudeTheThird Why does Miles know a specific something about Charlotte? (s4 moment, but probably spoilers for all seasons)

In the s4 finale he mentions Charlotte being "back" on the island. I've always wondered why he thought / how he knew that.
And kinda the same for his first meeting with Michael, how he knew Kevin Johnson wasn't Michael's name, and that a bunch of people on that freighter were lying about something. This one is probably just due to him being good at reading people, but the Charlotte one seems a bit too specific.
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2021.10.24 18:40 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.10.24 18:40 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE YESS maybe not mutch but always something 225000 wiew :) yey :) happy happy for the little me now have :):):):):)

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2021.10.24 18:40 Gullible_Mammoth_629 Anhedonia an brain symptoms

Hello, first of all sorry if my English is not good enough as it is not my native language.
I have anhedonia with various physical symptoms that make my life very difficult every day. Before having anhedonia I suffered from the opposite, emotions that made me feel positive and negative things too much, but the negative ones were so deep that I ended up with depression and I medicated with ssri for many years in different stages. I am sure that my anhedonia is due to the use of these drugs, that no doctor alerted me to their consequences. I have not used any for a year because I know the damage they cause and I want to recover naturally. I try to take my body down that path even though I don't feel, stop being spontaneous, can't create social bonds ... it's too difficult and it makes me think about solutions all day. My life should be perfect: good family, friends, work ... and I have a good physical image, so it is easy for me to flirt if I want to have relationships with someone. Many times I notice slight punctures in the cerebellum area and I do not understand why. Also the right area of my brain feels numb and tingly. Today a very strange thing happened to me. I began to feel very depressed to the point that I could not take it anymore while having coffee with friends, thinking about going back to taking antidepressants and that at least I would not be with that emotional pain so hard. But suddenly, I felt a tingling in the right part of my brain stronger than normal and I felt as if something was plugged and released. In five minutes the deep depression I was feeling left and although I continued with my anhedonia problems it was still very surprising. I really didn't understand. I also see black dots with my left eye moving, especially when I am in a moment of nervous or anxiety. When I have too much anxiety, the eyelid of my left eye also vibrates too. Noises startle and annoy me a lot, even those that I may make myself. I have very worrisome cognitive problems of all kinds that I don't notice that they improve every day. I do everything in my power to improve by following the best advice for people like me. I think that taking medication is not a solution to cure you completely, but my goal is to heal myself completely and forget about all this as a nightmare. I have read that my problem could also be related to a disorder in the blood vessels of the brain. It could make sense based on all my symptoms. I believe that antidepressants cause the right hemisphere (emotions) to stop working as it did and that can cause many blood vessels in the neural connections to stop working and therefore atrophy. My next two goals will be to try psychedelic truffles and one day ayahuasca rituals. I think it is almost impossible for me to treat myself again with pills knowing all the damage they caused me (escitalopram, sertraline, vortioxetine ...). Thank you for those who can advise and help me, I assure you that I have not commented or looked at all the things that happen to me because of this problem.
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2021.10.24 18:40 Assassin_ka Smartpayment (SPAY) Token ¿Qué es, cómo comprar y precio?

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