Looking to exchange gifts for xp 🇨🇦 comment if you want to go to best friends 5640 2048 0980

2021.12.08 15:10 mailman2112 Looking to exchange gifts for xp 🇨🇦 comment if you want to go to best friends 5640 2048 0980

5640 2048 0980
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2021.12.08 15:10 OkSomewhere233 Stuck jet stream bring blowtorch December to Lower 48, frigid Alaska

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2021.12.08 15:10 SchaffRita Népszavazás a Fudanról, 200e aláírás kell

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2021.12.08 15:10 BeingEmbarrassed6172 What playbook has the Cover 0 scheme?

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2021.12.08 15:10 Spiced-Meme Anyone using the Xbox gamepass for PC I had to restart my computer to get the download to show up.

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2021.12.08 15:10 Educational_Exam2737 Can somebody help me understand this I bought a call at 1010 for 10,000 now the price is 1057 which mean I up more the %40 right I’m only making 700 🤦🏽‍♂️ and when the price goes to 1030 I be n negative

Can somebody help me understand this I bought a call at 1010 for 10,000 now the price is 1057 which mean I up more the %40 right I’m only making 700 🤦🏽‍♂️ and when the price goes to 1030 I be n negative submitted by Educational_Exam2737 to dogecoin [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 15:10 Independent-Arm-6694 Wrinkly, white, painful gums near bottom left wisdom tooth?

I've had pain in my gums since Monday and I look in today to see some gum off my bottom left wisdom tooth looks to be wrinkly and pale and pulled back a bit. I swished some Peroxyl and left slight pressure or ache when I'd suction the mouthwash through that area. It stings a bit to open my mouth.
I assume this means they are receding, but I'm not sure if it could be an infection. I've been brushing them as best as I could but I managed to find a clean but obvious hole on this one a few months ago so I will have to get it out, hopefully before mid 2022. No fever, no unusual smell, the pain comes and goes and is very annoying sometimes, but I can still sleep, and I can eat slowly on the other side.
I've struggled with anxiety over my teeth due to having awful dental hygiene as a kid and having to get caps on almost all my dead baby teeth, and my family has always struggled finding a job with insurance, which is why I've put off the tooth removal for so long. I've been to a new dentist this year after 3 years and he was really nice so I feel more at ease to get them out once I get the cash.
I'm just not sure if this is an emergency or not
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2021.12.08 15:10 Sandra23574 Dm to get spoiled instantly

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2021.12.08 15:10 i_dohumanthings PSA: don't be the uncooperative asshole leader of your group project then complain no one did work

TL;DR, give your group mates tasks or shut the fuck up about how little others contributed.
In my years of doing group projects, I've encountered plenty of stereotypical group members - the free loader, the one in the group because their friend is in it, the one who's bad at talking but good at research and designing powerpoints, etc. I've worked with plenty of other students, but the worst type by FAR is the control freak that hoards all of the tasks, then complains about being the only one who worked on the project. It's good to have a leader, but the point isn't to turn a group project into a personal project, the point of a leader is to give directions and assign tasks. That's pretty much it for my rant.
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2021.12.08 15:10 Least2020-2022 Shanghai Reports New COVID-19 Case C Limits Large Events

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2021.12.08 15:10 xMissAdventurex As seen on Facebook

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2021.12.08 15:10 Comprehensive-Cow381 This map is a REMAKE of an old counter strike map formerly known as de_cpl_fire that was used in the CPL league. All credits to the layout besides minor changes go to Chris "Narby" Auty.

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2021.12.08 15:10 Matt_Hession_X Yes, u like my fan art? I'm 16 year old and I live you channel. Thanks for everything especially all the help towards my anxiety.

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2021.12.08 15:10 catlady0601 Birthing and Breastfeeding Classes?

Hey there! First, sorry for my terrible grammar and format on a mobile at work lol. I'm 24wks with my first and based off my "welcome packet " I received from my NP during my first appointment it looks like this would be the time to sign up for classes. The classes are about $75. I can use my HSA but I'm curious to know if others found these to be helpful before I go and drop more money when I know I'll need it when its actually time to pay for those lovely hospital bills / baby supplies / recovery supplies.
I know every birth experience is different and unpredictable so I'm hoping those who are already parents will share their experiences if they took the classes their hospital / birthing center offered OR if you didn't take the classes do you wish you had?
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2021.12.08 15:10 Staenkerfritze Are there any mods creating Mountain seeds like this?

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2021.12.08 15:10 Zookwok111 Who's The Real Winner Here?

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2021.12.08 15:10 StormbladeFTW Suggestion for the game

I think COW should have a "domestic policy" option, which would add more options and depth to the game instead of just being about making soldiers and upgrading buildings. For example, it could be made available after Day 4, and include items such as:
Print Money:
You gain 5 hours of resource production immediately and +40% production of all resources for 1 day,(but manpower is unaffected) but morale in all core provinces and occupied cities is multiplied by 0.9, morale in all occupied non-city provinces is multiplied by 0.9 along with a flat 10% reduction, rebellion chance is multiplied by 125%, prices of everything rises by +10% after 1 hour, 20% after 6 hours, 25% after 12 hours, 15% after 48 hours, 8% after 72 hours, and permanent 2% price increase after 96 hours(all relative to normal price). Global popularity decreases 10% and then multiplied by 0.9, and two random at-peace AI nations declare a trade embargo. Recharges every 2 weeks.
Emergency Resource Overproduction:
Production ignores morale in all cores as well as occupied cities above 90% morale, and their production acts as if morale is at 120%. Production is also separately multiplied 1.2x in cores in this duration. This effect lasts 3 days and recharges in 11 more days. As a penalty, occupied countryside provinces with morale below 60% subtract 30% morale and occupied cities with morale below 50% subtract 15% morale. After these 2 days, production is 30% for 12 hours, 50% for 12-24 hours, 70% for 24-48 hours, 85% for days 3-5, before returning to normal. Six AI nations at peace will change their status to embargo, and if there are no more AIs at peace, the remaining number after all AIs have embargoed will be divided by 2, and that number of AIs will declare war(only AIs who do not share a border with you will declare war. Global popularity decreases 20% and then is multiplied by 0.9, then floored to 10%.
Public Propaganda:
Manpower gain rate increases 50% for 12 hours, and 20% from 12-24 hours. Core provinces gain a temporary cap of 110% morale for 2 days. Costs money per manpower generated(to be determined by testing, though 2 money per 1 manpower seems fine.) Cooldown: After 2 days, the second use has 70% effectiveness(used for emergencies), and after 3 days it gains its full effectiveness
Can be repeated 6 times maximum in a game(8 for Axis+Comintern), and you start with 2 uses which recharge one use every 3 days to a cap of holding 2 uses in Axis and Comintern, and once every 5 days(can hold 2 uses) for Pan-Asian and Allies. Multiplicatively loses 20% effectiveness per use compounded(aka 1, 0.8, 0.64, etc..) and also cost multiplied by 1.25 for Allies and Pan-Asian, and 16% and cost increase x1.2 for Axis and Comintern. A third use in a game
Partisan Forces(Axis/Soviet) Guerilla Fighters(Pan-Asian) Paramilitary (Allies)
Select countryside provinces with 70+ morale to place special partisan units. They are invisible to enemies, cannot be scouted with reveal army spies or troops, the number of partisans is not shown when defending, but also immovable(with normal controls). They have the strength of 1 militia in occupied countryside, 2 militias in unoccupied countryside and occupied cities, and 3 militias in a core city. They ignore terrain, cannot be stacked(days 4-7), stacked to 2(days 8-10), and stacked to 4 afterwards. You get 2 partisans on day 4, 1 on days 5, 7, 8, 10, and 1 more every day until day 18, when you receive 4 partisans but don't get any more. Partisans cost only manpower and none of the other resources, and are half price on days 4 and 5. They are also special in that they have a maximum damage they can take, equal to the amount of damage that they do, thus they can usefully delay an invasion significantly. They cannot be placed in cities but can move into them.
2 partisans per day can be selected to move an infinite distance per day, even crossing water. 1 additional partisan per day can move an infinite distance per day without crossing water after Day 9. One-quarter of the remaining partisans can move three provinces per day, or two provinces if condition below 50%, and another quarter can move two provinces per day, or one province if condition below 50%. The remaining partisans cannot move that day. Partisan movements are executed at daychange. Partisans can only be moved into provinces above 50% morale, gain a +20% damage and health boost in provinces above 70% morale, and +30% in provinces at 100% morale.
Partisans are treated as "everywhere" within a province. When the enemy reaches the node of a province, the partisan will automatically defend, but you can trigger a partisan defense(not an attack) if there is an enemy troop within that province. While "everywhere" and not actively defending, the partisans are immune from air, artillery, and ships.
A partisan unit may be ordered to move into any one enemy province(only one partisan per enemy province on Days 4-7 and two after Day 8) up to 3 total provinces, however their statistics are, along with their lowered attack damage similar to militia, are also decreased by another 25% while attacking if there is a troop or another enemy partisan in that space. Partisans moving into an enemy territory are also visible for one day after they capture the territory.
Partisans regenerate health differently than normal troops, in addition to daily 15% regen, they also gain flat +15% health per day and not just 15% of the remaining health.
Foreign Propaganda:
Reduces the morale of one enemy province and all the provinces in that country that it borders by 20% in that province and 10% in its surrounds. This will be revealed to that player, and acts as a declaration of war. This is unique that it acts halfway through a day and not at daychange. This can be done once per day but costs money, manpower, as well as the sacrifice of (day number capped at 10x6)HP of a stack of planes within range of the centre of that province. This does not do damage to the stack, it directly eliminates a number of the planes in the stack until sufficient HP has been deducted, with remaining planes having health untouched. 20% more effective with Allied and Axis.
Comintern and Pan-Asian Exclusive:
Great Union of Soviets/Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere: A request can be sent to a neighbouring country of the same doctrine, if accepted, will remove the border morale penalty between the two countries, as well as reduce travel times in the other country from the 80% to 100%. This must be renewed every 2 days but is effective for 3 days, there is a 24 hour grace period where it is active while you can renew it, but cannot be reversed. You also immediately gain 3 hours of production the first time this is activated, and 20 minutes each subsequent time. Construction time of buildings is also reduced 5% in both countries. No coalition is required.
Joint Command: (toggleable anytime) Within a coalition, the travel time in allied countries(but only allied, not any countries in the coalition but of a different doctrine) is 100% and not 80%), you can also place your troops under your Allied ally's command, adding them to their stack(but they can be detached at your wish), this is limited to 40% of the original HP of that stack, there is a special button for you to do that(named "place troops under ally control"). The detachment troops are treated as full health but do 80% of original damage, and take damage as if the whole group was a single unified stack.
Population Purge: Restricted to Days 4-7 but has permanent effect, you permanently lose 40% global popularity, gain 10% manpower generation bonus permanently, gain 20% morale in all core provinces immediately with morale cap raised to 120% immediately and 140% at Day 14, but lose 20% morale immediately in occupied provinces, and the morale cap in occupied provinces drops to 80%.
Triple Alliance/Quadruple Alliance/Quintuple Alliance:
If you share a border with another Axis player's core provinces and are in their coalition with only Axis players all of whom are attached to at least one other Axis player's cores who are in the coalition, and have at least 3 Axis members in the coalition, a majority of all players agreeing to activate this domestic policy does the same as "Joint Command" albeit with only 30% HP detachments, 90% speed, but also enforces the effects of Population Purge. This can be performed on Days 4-14 as a way to activate Population Purge later. Non-Axis members of the coalition will change doctrine to Axis, lose 20% morale in core cities temporarily but regain 10% the next day, all buildings under progress require 10% longer to complete, and undergo Population Purge, not gaining the immediate 20% morale boost but in compensation receiving a 130% morale cap in cores.
Germany-exclusive: Can perform Anschluss from Day 2 if Austria is being attacked, and Day 3 otherwise, if Austria is at peace with Germany, and Austria becomes Germany's cores.
Research Corps:
You must be within a coalition, even a single-player coalition to perform this. Each player can pledge a certain amount of money, manpower, and resource to the Corps, and those will be deposited in a coalition account in the Corps, withdrawable at any time. The Corps consumes all 5 resources, manpower, and money at a fixed rate for the time mentioned below, and this is needed to allow Level 6 Industry, the current golden troops(which should be made non-premium) and an extra tier of troops that will be premium(in essence shifting the golden troops one tier up) to be produced. Troop sight range is also increased after this completion by 50%.
Time to complete for a single person:(can be started when 5 industries in core are Level 5, and all contain a Level 2 or higher troop generator with one level 3 and one level 4)
Comintern: 14 days
Axis: 16 days
Allies: 15 days
Pan-Asian: 17 days
All members who wish to contribute to the Corps must meet the industry criteria. A 2-member coalition will complete in 80% of time and require 150% resources, 3-member requiring 70% of time and 210% resources, 4-member requiring 65% of time and 280% resources, and 5-member requiring 60% of time and 350% resources.
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2021.12.08 15:10 derice16 What am I missing?

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2021.12.08 15:10 Squigels Do you guys think gus will end up offering refunds for his 2022 shows?

i see a LOT of people asking for refunds or trying to sell the tickets.
i hope he has enough respect to offer them a refund
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2021.12.08 15:10 Negative_Video8419 Sydney in the new CALL OF DUTY promo!

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2021.12.08 15:10 Arch_Magos_Remus Old meme new format

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2021.12.08 15:10 AlbinoEconomics Don't know if this applies here.

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2021.12.08 15:10 NotRealOpinions Alesha Dixon

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2021.12.08 15:10 rabbitfoodenthusiast My meringue snowmen melted in the oven..

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