Which one are you?

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2021.12.08 15:00 OpenTheBible Which one are you?

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2021.12.08 15:00 wh33t If you know UFW really well would ya mind helping me out here?

I am trying to limit a wireguard client to only access one internal IP:Port in my network. The client connects in with, and I only want them to be able to access a specific IP:Port in the local network. The follow UFW rules do not work as expected, the client may still access any resource on the local 192.168.0.x network.

Status: active To Action From -- ------ ---- 22/tcp LIMIT Anywhere 42069 LIMIT Anywhere 80 ALLOW Anywhere DENY 22/tcp (v6) LIMIT Anywhere (v6) 42069 (v6) LIMIT Anywhere (v6) 
Any tips? I've tried Googling, but cannot seem to find where I am going wrong here.
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2021.12.08 15:00 rjm1378 Leading LGBT activist Gal Uchovsky questioned by police over alleged sexual assault

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2021.12.08 15:00 LeeCooperJr Zekrom on me 1354 4593 5742

1354 4593 5742
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2021.12.08 15:00 IndieheadsAOTY The r/indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series: Really From - Really From

The indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series: Really From - Really From Howdy! Welcome to Day 8 of the indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series, our annual event where we showcase pieces from some of our favorite writers on the subreddit talking about their favorite records of the year! Up today, u/JoPa2888 is talking Really From's self-titled record.
March 12th, 2021 - Topshelf
Background by u/JoPa2888:
Really From is a Boston-based “indie jazz” band formed in 2014 as People Like You. All members graduated from Berklee College of Music, with singeguitarist Chris Lee-Rodriguez and drummer Sander Bryce being founding members, and singekeyboardist Michi Tassey and trumpeter Matt Hull rounding out their membership shortly afterwards. They received early acclaim on social media for their exciting mix of emo, math rock and jazz, and quickly developed a strong local following.
After two full album releases in 2014 and 2017, the band changed their name to Really From in 2018. With 2021’s Really From being a self-titled project, it serves as both a reintroduction to the band and a homecoming all at once. The band has continued their robust, intimate explorations of cultural identity and social trauma, with nods to classic emo and indie pop stylings with an addicting and emotive soundscape.
Writeup by u/JoPa2888:
Hitting adolescence in the early 2000’s, my personal history with emo music involves a lot more screaming than is on display here. Bands like American Football and The Promise Ring were a hair too early for me, and because of that this album was a rough listen right off the bat. There was too much anxiety and not enough anger, and I found some of the vocals to be whiny – I believe I even referred to Chris Lee-Rodriguez as “jazz Luke Skywalker” in a conversation shortly after my first listen. Nuanced take, I know.
I came around, though.
“Try Lingual” showed up on shuffle a few weeks after I had first given this album a shot. Distracted, and divorced from the context of needing to have an opinion, I made my first deeper connection.
Previously, what made this record so difficult for me to identify with had been my identity. The songs are deeply personal, focused intently on the experiences of multiracial, multi-ethnic, and immigrant American families. So specific, that they were foreign to me entirely. In this song though, I saw part of myself and more.
As someone with a Jewish background, I was raised on the distant edges of the faith with a fully Americanized version of my heritage. Not an uncommon upbringing by any means, the American Jewish experience has become an entirely unique path of its own over the last 80 years. In college I became more interested in my faith and adopted some qualities of a traditionally observant lifestyle, including wearing a yarmulke, marking myself for all to see.
The first time it happened, I was at a grocery store deciding between different brands of peanut butter. A man came up to me, waved, and started speaking animatedly in Hebrew.
I panic ‘cause I missed a phrase
Like you can see right through me
I can’t accurately describe the shame of that experience, of feeling an impostor in your own skin, the gradual shift from excitement to disappointment in their face. “I’m sorry” I sheepishly responded, and quickly shuffled away.
I soon realized that it would happen all the time. In minimarts, at Olive Garden, at movie theatres and even at work. I had strayed from American Jewish tradition and entered a wider space beyond, with its own expectations and norms. Expectations I was not prepared to live up to. It has not gotten easier and blaming yourself is an easy and effortless mindset to fall into.
I listen hard to what you say
Each word begins to sound the same
The sounds, the words, the goddamn shame
Forgive me, I'm complaining
While “Try Lingual” is one of the only songs in which I share direct life experience, however abstractly, it helped me understand and empathize with the material overall. And wow, does this record showcase some incredible songwriting.
Really From dive headfirst into personal struggles of identity and what it means to be “from” anywhere, bringing some of the less commonly discussed heartbreaks of American life to the forefront. It rides waves of turbulent emotion with grace, surging towards a blistering rage and relaxing into shame when the fire runs out.
The blame it runs deep
In the cracks of your skin
You don’t want to fight
But you know it will win
On tracks like “Quirk” and “Yellow Fever” the band embrace their identities as a form of cruel inheritance. A pervasive anxiety emerges here and carries on throughout the album, felt most strongly when the subject matter strays towards childhood. We don’t get to decide what and how we are taught about ourselves, and that lack of agency can have disastrous results.
“Yellow Fever” especially feels mature, like it has been evolving in concept for a very long time. The phrase has fallen out of vogue, but the sentiment is unfortunately still present.
Please let me be unseen
Why can I not correct you
Don’t wanna say it’s true
Why do I feel the need to protect you
If this song was written a few years ago, and the band younger, it might have been angrier; fire and brimstone, pitchforks and pepper spray. Instead, there is a level of introspection present – the patience to step back from the ledge and the confidence to hold a confrontation, not an argument.
Among the various incredible moments on this album, whether they deal with the trauma of divorce or the small comforts of home, Really From recontextualize the American Dream for a generation raised by its radioactive waste.
I was raised by the shoes left at the door
I was raised like my mother was before
I was raised by the fear of my own skin
The emotional climax of the album, “I’m From Here”, synthesizes these feelings into a coherent and raw expression of solidarity. It answers the band’s titular question, but also replaces it with one much more fitting. Who are you, in the truest sense?
If you ask me where I’m from
I’ll say the rage, the lights the sea
I’ll say the pain passed down on me
As I began to foster a deeper connection to the narratives in this album, I also fell in love with the music. I have found myself with the urge to listen to these songs in all sorts of places. It has become the soundtrack to cooking, working, gaming, and even running. There are so many nuances and small details to unpack, and the performances are stellar at every single turn. It sounds great when you want to dive deep, but it offers effortless groove in the background as well.
“I’m From Here” wavers between angsty indie rock buildups and frenetic jazz breakdowns, filtering their unique anxiety and cultural insecurity directly through to the listener. The chorus passage sung in duet is one of the most beautiful spots on the whole record. “The House”, with its minimalist production and dripping sentimentality calls up just the right amount of Neutral Milk Hotel to deliver you into another dimension.
There are killer drum passages on this project as well, working to tie together what might otherwise be a slew of incompatible genres. Driving riffs, horn solos, and acoustic balladry glued together in seamless fashion by detailed and forceful work by Sander Bryce.
The horn sections have incredible color and intensity. While most other rock outfits are opting for squealing saxophone in 2021, Matt Hull stands apart as a champion for the wide and powerful emotionality a trumpet can bring to the mix.
Lastly, I need to apologize for my earlier hot take on the vocals. They are perfect. Michi and Chris weave in and out to create a brilliant and focused work that is simultaneously raw and highly refined, inspired by a rich legacy of emo and indie rock outfits from the last 30 years. There is an organic quality to the emotion on display, it never feels forced and is unwavering in its authenticity.
On this self-titled release, Really From deliver a tightrope collaboration of emo jazz, punk ethos & technical math rock - backed up by impressive songwriting and a determination to face challenging, vulnerable emotions at every turn in service of self-expression. The band shows that they are no strangers to pain, but they are also not afraid to push forwards into what lies beyond. I have come to deeply value this album and its perspectives, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself.
Favorite Lyrics:
You see me in the ways you want me to be
I see you, broke and sick, with a fucked up wet dream
  • Yellow Fever
I smile like I can understand
But my mind reminds me I can’t
They taught me it’s not of this land
Forgive me I’m unlearning the practice
Of self-blaming habits
  • Try Lingual
Mom and Dad
They both moved out of this house
I understand now
But I still miss the house
  • "The House"
Talking Points:
  • Where are you really from, in the truest sense? Did you decide that for yourself?
  • Do you like the more personal narratives on this record in comparison to the more political songs from their prior releases?
  • Are there aspects of your identity that carry their own baggage?
  • Was there an album this year that you dismissed originally, that slowly worked its way to the top of your list?
Thank you for reading today’s write-up and a thank you to u/JoPa2888 for writing it! Up tomorrow, u/shiggidyshiggidy talks emo stalwarts Foxing's contentious crossover release, Draw Down the Moon. In the meantime, peep the schedule for the rest of the series below and discuss today’s album/write-up in the comments below!
Date Artist Album Writer
12/1 The Armed ULTRAPOP u/roseisonlineagain
12/2 Spirit of the Beehive ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH u/ReconEG
12/3 Black Country, New Road For the First Time u/stansymash
12/4 Sam Wilkes One Theme & Subsequent Improvisation u/Tadevos
12/5 The Killers Pressure Machine u/modulum83
12/6 Black Dresses Forever In Your Heart u/BornAgainZombie
12/7 Genesis Owusu Smiling With No Teeth u/stu_balls
12/8 Really From Really From u/JoPa2888
Date Artist Album Writer
12/9 Foxing Draw Down the Moon u/shiggidyshiggidy
12/10 Anna B. Savage A Common Turn u/seaofblasphemy
12/11 Parannoul To See the Next Part of the Dream u/GalacTech
12/12 Midwife Luminol u/Yoooooouuuuuuuu
12/13 Fishboy Waitsgiving u/SRTViper
12/14 Japanese Breakfast Jubilee u/PearlSquared
12/15 Porter Robinson Nurture u/horsejeans
12/16 Senyawa Alkisah u/WaneLietoc
12/17 Liance This Painting Doesn't Dry u/Ervin_Salt
12/18 Dry Cleaning New Long Leg u/Leeman727
12/19 Smol Data Inconvenience Store u/darianb1031
12/20 Clairo Sling u/whatsanillinois
12/21 Spelling The Turning Wheel u/darjeelingdarkroast
12/22 L'Rain Fatigue u/LazyDayLullaby
12/23 Black Midi Cavalcade u/AbeFroman1123
12/24 Sturgill Simpson The Ballad of Dood & Juanita u/waffel113
12/25 Lingua Ignota SINNER GET READY u/danitykane
12/26 Shannon Lay Geist u/moisesnoises
12/27 rural internet escape room u/zenits
12/28 Magdalena Bay Mercurial World u/gothxo
12/29 Claire Rousay A Softer Focus u/stringfellow2316
12/30 Modest Mouse The Golden Casket u/ArnieAndTheWaves
12/31 Injury Reserve By the Time I Get to Phoenix u/American_Soviet
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2021.12.08 15:00 Odin_Makes Odin Makes: Iron Man Mk. 85 Arc Reactor

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2021.12.08 15:00 JobBusy ADA BORED SAMURAI New upcoming project!The release of unique 450 Ada Bored Samurai NFTs, coming on December! Fixed at 33 ADA each. Link below.

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2021.12.08 15:00 MetalBeardKing Newbie ketofast question

I have been “fasting” for 72hrs then one keto meal at 8pm then another 72hrs of no food. I do however drink keto coffee(butter, collagen,mct oil) every am. About 200kcal. Then water and keto electrolyte water throughout the day. SW 250, currrent 226 gw 160. 5’9 male- have been losing a pound a day avg. is the keto coffee hurting,stopping, limiting the fast benefits or are these results good for now ? I expect the first 40 to shed quickly then smaller “gains” as I get from morbidly to overweight . Good thinking or somewhat off? I have read conflicting facts about how much a keto coffee can break a fast so looking for some feedback from people that might have some good insight
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2021.12.08 15:00 millennial_pinkk Single wick candle haul from today’s sale

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2021.12.08 15:00 sylviys It is 12 AM and I need a good book to binge read

The title, any genre is acceptable (although preferably no erotica), but it should be fast paced and engaging, not more than 250 pages, unconventional characters and/or writing style for bonus points. Recommend the best!
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2021.12.08 15:00 Gootube2000 lexili seleti: marble (material)

Ewropali (tongo to is un famil):

Awstronesili (tongo to is un famil):
Alo (moyun to is un famil):
jeni: marmor (7 famil)
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2021.12.08 15:00 CheLeung Australia joins US diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics, citing human rights abuses in Xinjiang - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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2021.12.08 15:00 the-whole-benchilada People with "small veins" - can we really change it?

I'll start by saying, apologies if this runs afoul of the "no medical advice" directive. While I know I'm asking for a prediction of what I might expect in a certain situation, this question is NOT about my safety, care needs, prognosis, or anything that could affect a medical decision. It's more asking for people's general experiences.
So I tried to donate plasma today and was given the "veins aren't good enough" boot. I should have seen this coming, as I am one of those difficult-to-poke people who constantly gives phlebotomists a run for their money as they check one inner elbow, then the other, then my hands, etc. However prior to my visit I just thought "well, they always manage at blood draws". The technician at the center explained that the needle for plasma donation is bigger and my vein needs to withstand blood being pumped back into it without breaking.
So, they sent me away with some tips to "enlarge my veins" – drink lots of water (I already drink TONS, I mean tons of water), avoid caffeine/alcohol, and do arm exercises. To me these seem like pretty general-principle suggestions, and knowing my own history with blood draws (my mom has the same problem), I don't have high hopes that a month of these precautions can make a huge difference.
My question is... is my instinct more or less right, or totally wrong? Are small veins largely genetic, while health habits only make a minimal difference? Or with things like arm exercises or diet changes, do you ever see the size and/or viability for bloodwork of someone's veins *significantly* change? If the latter – any tips to do so other than the stay hydrated/do arm exercises mainstays?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts about this!
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2021.12.08 15:00 mariasam201 What Is The Semi Sumo Deadlift Exercise?

The Semi Sumo Deadlift is called the Tight Sumo Deadlift or the Hybrid Sumo Deadlift. It is close to the traditional deadlift, but it is considered a sumo exercise because your hands are placed inside your legs.
What distinguishes the Semi Sumo Deadlift is that it performs a tighter stance than the traditional Sumo deadlift.
The difference between the full sumo deadlift and the semi sumo deadlift is that in the sumo deadlift, you raise a wide bar on the bar with your feet touching the edges of the board. As for the Semi Sumo Deadlift, you raise a narrower position so that it is noticeable and visible on the barbell
There is no hard rule as to how tight you can narrow your stance as it counts as a semi-sumo deadlift as most players say Semi Sumo Deadlift occurs when your feet are below the hash mark on an iron bar or narrower
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2021.12.08 15:00 ComradeCommissary [Infographic] Hanoi's COVID-19 guidelines on infections in schools

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2021.12.08 15:00 aidansmills SynoGut Coupon Code

Check out SynoGut Coupon Code. There are SynoGut coupons and promo codes for online purchases. You may save with using those discount codes and offers. Take advantages of daily deals, sales and coupons!
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2021.12.08 15:00 lotuseaters_com PREVIEW: The Politics of Stargate

PREVIEW: The Politics of Stargate PREVIEW: The Politics of Stargate
John and Carl discuss the iconic sci-fi TV show 'Stargate SG-1'. What is the appeal of military sci fi, and what makes it different from plain old propaganda? How does a show about military space exploration manage to be wholesome, family-friendly, and funny? Why don't we get shows like this nowadays? Tune in for the answers to all these questions and more.
Watch the full premium video;
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2021.12.08 15:00 78ford Hermitcraft Daily 1241 December 7th 2021

Welcome back to Hermitcraft Daily.
#1240 | #1242

Game/Series Link
Minecraft Building w/BdoubleO World Tour & Season 2 Finale
Game/Series Link
Modded Minecraft: SkyFactory One Stream 10
The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Episode 74: Stop Watch
Game/Series Link
Minecraft House Design: Mediterranean House
Minecraft House Design: Georgian House
Game/Series Link
Hermitcraft S8 Episode 32: BASE DONE!
Game/Series Link
Hermitcraft S8 Episode 17: HIS NAME IS MUMBO JUMBO
Game/Series Link
Skyrim Episode 11: He Died A Free Man
Game/Series Link
Minecraft: 1.18.1 Release Candidate 1: Save The Bees!
Modded Minecraft: Stoneblock Stream 37 (December 7th 2021)
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2021.12.08 15:00 LargePurpleShoe An Afternoon in Shibuya That Wasn't Too Crowded - 4K Tokyo Japan

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2021.12.08 15:00 AmeliaChoun Should I Pull?

I already dropped Miki 4* so idk if it's worth it to pull again on this banner? Idk if the next banner will be good?
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2021.12.08 15:00 flock45 Self-acceptance: more difficult than expected

Hi everyone. I have a hard time accepting myself more than others accepting me. I have come out to family and a few close friends, all of whom just wish me to be happy. However, its difficult for me to come to terms that I will live my life differently than the majority of those I love. Yes, the love is the same. But, yes, it is also a different lifestyle. I tell myself I should hold it in for the sake of having kids naturally, or so I dont have to be looked at twice. But then I ask myself, is this the reality or is this the reality im creating in my head to keep myself chained inside the closet?
My family supports me. My friends support/would support me if they all knew. The outside support is there. Its the internal support that im struggling with. Its me. Its a difficult thing for me to accept. Am I making the right decision, I often ask myself? Will I regret choosing this lifestyle? Or, will I regret not pursuing it? My biggest fear is regret, one way or another. However, no one has a guide to the future. I wish I could see into it and just know confidently for myself. But here I sit three years later pondering the same questions that I did ten years ago. Its draining. Its exhausting.
Any experiences, advice, or wisdom to share?
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2021.12.08 15:00 anakaliak 32F mom looking for new people to chat with.

I am currently under quarantine for another 10 days, so I have lots of time to chat. I live in the PNW with my husband, two daughter and 13 year old black lab. I am a dog lover and would welcome any dog pictures, as well as send you some if you would like. I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible in the nicer weather. I am also looking for new music to listen too, so feel free to give me suggestions. I am a very open minded person so all are welcome.
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2021.12.08 15:00 moi_rai_games_ Physical Release of Monster Sanctuary coming!

Physical Release of Monster Sanctuary coming! Just in time for our anniversary we have a special announcement! Monster Sanctuary will finally get a physical release by LimitedRunGames for Nintendo Switch & PS4! Pre-order-period starts December 17th and we can't wait!
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