Anyone want some west pics? Dm me

BREAKING: Child killed after being hit by a car in Sydney's inner west. ... These pics prove Celeste Barber is a fashion star. Fallen footy star Ben Barba is charged with assault. Webcamming gets me “high” like no drug ever could. Forget HGH, bath salts, jimjams, cockroach or whatever you young people are using to heighten sex these days. There is nothing more ... Kim Kardashian & Kanye West with North, Saint, Chicago & Psalm -- PICS The cute photos racked up over two million views in just a few hours, generating plenty of comments from Kim’s adoring fans ... I think that until today everything I have proposed I have achieved, sport has always been part of me and my sports goals were always dreams that I was achieving, I came to belong to lower divisions of representative teams in my city, Fuii Departmental Champion in Swimming and Water Polo L and I have a university degree. ... Click DM icon to re ...

2022.01.24 17:52 wedgielover67 Anyone want some west pics? Dm me

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2022.01.24 17:52 cryptoama Quarashi - The Next Generation All in One Platform - Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet

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2022.01.24 17:52 BlasX1020 Need help on deciding to extend lease or buyout

I have a leased 2019 acura tlx 3.5L V6 in great condition with 43,000 miles. I put down $5,000 with $300/month payments for 3 years. My lease ends this April and I’m deciding on whether I should extend the lease another year or just buy it out. For net sales price they quoted me at $21,609
I like the car but don’t love it. I’m planning on upgrading when I’m in a better financial situation in a year so that’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to just extend the lease one more year and then upgrade. Or to buy out then sell in a year. Thoughts?
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2022.01.24 17:52 ventikitty Can i use toilet paper to catch discharge? i don’t want my family to see the stains in my underwear because its awkward and i hate the feeling of my underwear being wet. is it unsanitary or unhealthy to use toilet paper and can it cause an infection?

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2022.01.24 17:52 MizugiDesu Just finished [Conflicted] and…

So I’m rewatching from s1 to catch up to the latter seasons and reached S4E20. After finishing the episode, it really made me feel uncomfortable with the show’s portrayal of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), especially after getting to know about what it is since the first time I watched this episode years ago.
Yes, the episode was from 2009, over a decade ago. And cm is known for their misinformation and portrayal of mental illness, especially schizophrenia. But I thought I’d still point out since even now, DID is still very much misrepresented in the media (e.g. Split or people like Trsha Pyt*s faking it) and not understood by people.
I know it’s made for “good tv” but I just hope people know that is it, it’s just a fictional show and a lot of the other portrayals of mental illness and vilification of some of them are untrue. I do not have DID nor am I an expert but it just really irked me.
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2022.01.24 17:52 ghill6486 I do my best to avoid thinking about stranger things (BECAUSE I’M DESPERATE FOR S4), but this… seeing this spiraled me into a craving for rewatching stranger things. Vote for Steve I guess?

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2022.01.24 17:52 Yuckreality Pro tips for a noob signing up for Tinder today?

Pro Tinder tips for a noob signing up for Tinder today?
Hey guys I’m a noob guy on Tinder. Do any Tinder pros on this sub have some good pointers for me? What types pics to post and no go pics I have a picture with my puppy so hopefully that’s allowed to go on. What about my bio? How should I type it out? Any examples? Should it be long, short? I’m only looking for a serious long term relationship btw I don’t want hookups or anything just a girl I can call my girlfriend. I’m a 7 looks wise I don’t have high standards myself so I’m not picky about girls. Also should I get Tinder gold or Tinder platinum which one benefits me more? And does extending my Tinder radius increase my chances for a match? I don’t mind going long distant. I’m also kinda introverted so idk if that’ll affect my chances Thanks guys I look forward to hearing from you guys :)
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2022.01.24 17:52 CharybdisIsBoss866 Welcome to the federation, you are being saved

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2022.01.24 17:52 GrumpyProf90 I am having FUN! Let Me be!

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2022.01.24 17:52 machtkeinunterschied me_irl

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2022.01.24 17:52 chanidax Rail unions seek mediator with US talks ‘completely stalled’

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2022.01.24 17:52 haliforniapdx Supplies bag - should it be lootable?

First time I've encountered this. Was skinning a buck near another players camp, and a pair of NPC enemies were there. They shot at me, so I returned fire. Once they were dead two MORE NPC enemies spawned, ran behind a wooden box, and tried to run off with a bag.
I shot both of them as well, and they dropped the kind of bag that's usually in my trader wagon when I make a delivery. It's flashing, but I can't do anything with it. Should I be able to loot this? Am I missing something? See image.
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2022.01.24 17:52 CreatedThisForFun Does anyone else feel like a thankyou machine ?

Of course saying thankyou is basic manners, but lately I’ve been feeling enslaved by the word. Thankyou is meant to show appreciation for things you’re thankful for of course, but when you say it over and over again, especially for the bare minimum, I feel it starts to lose its meaning. Why am I continuously saying thankyou for things I deserve anyways ?
Theres a lot of pressure in my family to say thankyou, even for the smallest things. I feel like I have to say thankyou for getting driven places (even though I’m a minor with no car), thankyou for having food bought for me (even though I have no job to afford my own), or even thankyou for home cooked meals (when I have no money to buy groceries for myself). Isn’t that what parents/guardians are supposed to do ? It’s the simple things that I always feel the pressure to say thankyou for, and if I don’t say it, its most likely gonna be thrown in my face later in an argument. I feel like every day is a thankyou war. Its like I’m a gun full of “thankyous” and if I don’t empty all of the thankyou bullets out of my clip, I get attacked. It’s a very weird metaphor but you get the idea lol.
I have a different love language than my family, and that’s where the tension lies, in our differences. They show bare minimum, conditional, surface level love whereas I show my love through compliments, quality time, vulnerability and gratitude. My family feels as if there’s one way to do things, and it’s theirs. If you don’t do things their way, it’s wrong to them. I feel like my love language isn’t accepted in any way by them unless I modify it to suit their selfish needs. They won’t allow my unique expression to exist without some type of limitation. I shouldn’t have to restrict who I am and how I express myself to support the comfortability of people who could give less than a f*** about me. To support the fragility of their egos. I just want to live without feeling like thankyou has to be the conclusion of every sentence, every conversation. Can I show appreciation without doing it your way every single time ?
I feel like them wanting to hear me say thankyou is a ego boost and a distraction. They want me to always say thanks for the bare minimum to avoid doing the maximum. They want me to give them credit for little things so that they can distract themselves from the bigger ones. They give me all the basics, but never the love.
They also say things like (They = my parents, but my grandma as well, who I’m currently living with at the moment cause I feel unsafe at home) :
“all I do for you”
“you only need food, clothes, and shelter.”
“there are homeless people out here and you’re complaining that you have it hard, you don’t know what hard is”
“you wanna act like you’re grown, I’m gonna treat you like it”
They also threaten me with neglect (I’m not buying this again, you’re not getting anymore of this, no more of that, etc) when I’m “ungrateful”.
It’s hard to keep saying thankyou to people who remind you to be grateful for their bare minimum responsibilities, every chance they get. It’s hard to say thankyou to people who make you feel like you should be thankful for your existence. As if your existence is one big nuisance to take care of, one big problem to solve, or one big burden to carry instead of a lifelong parental commitment. I find myself not wanting to say thankyou at all. I’m starting to resent using the word thankyou with my family. It’s hard being dependent on people who take pride in the fact that you need them and use that to their every advantage, make you away of it in every form. You know I need you so why rub it in my face ? Isn’t the fact that I’m depending on you enough for you to give me mercy ?
I find myself worried over minor details in our interactions they wouldn’t even care to pay attention to, and that’s not okay, but it’s apart of who I am. I’ve worried so much that it has become part of my identity. Self consciousness is no joke, especially with the wrong people. I try not to pay attention to my behaviors when it comes to them to avoid further playing into the one sided dynamic of our relationship, the one where I care and they don’t. Sometimes I try to act nonchalant like what they do doesn’t bother me. But being nonchalant doesn’t come natural to me, and trying to force it just makes me care more. I actually care about people and their feelings, even if they don’t feel the same. I can’t just turn things on and off like they can, and I don’t wanna confuse myself trying to be someone I’m not just to match their level of toxicity. It gets hard to keep good behaviors in bad environments. It gets hard to maintain pieces of me that don’t benefit me in this environment. That don’t align with the way I’m being treated. Being sweet and nice is a good thing, but in this environment, it is a bad one. Every day I hope this environment doesn’t change me into someone unrecognizable, but I doubt it will because I’ve came too far for my character to fade away. I’ve lost myself many times, so the fear isn’t losing anything, but gaining a mindset like theirs.
I’m not good at pretending like I don’t care because I’m human and I shouldn’t have to restrict any aspect of myself to blend with them, to survive. I shouldn’t have to stoop down to their level because they don’t know how to reach mine, but it’s so hard not to. I heard a quote that went something like “the best way to win the game with a narcissist is to not play” but honestly that quote is trickier than it sounds because whether you play the game or not, you’re either giving apart of yourself away or suppressing it. It’s playing two sides of the same field. It’s picking your poison. It’s choosing the lesser of two evils.
I don’t want to “gray rock” the narcissist, or in other words pretend to not care because that holds a piece of me in that I desperately want to let out. Ive tried it many times and it’s not the method for me. I don’t enjoy suppressing myself just to protect myself. It isn’t fair that i have to choose between avoiding to express myself or express myself and face consequences for it. I also don’t want to match their energy because it’s draining. Sure, “two wrongs don’t make a right” or “arguing with a fool makes you one too”, but there’s always a part of me that asks, what if two wrongs do make a right ? What if arguing with the fool changes something ? Maybe it won’t change them, but it changes the feeling of helplessness that comes with not defending myself.
I find myself switching between extremes, from angry to polite. Shuffling parts of my personality back and forth like cards just to keep up with this nonsense. I don’t wanna keep putting on a talent show of emotions to feed into the toxic cycle they find entertaining, while I find it draining. But what am I supposed to do ? I have two choices

  1. Not defend myself if they pick on me, aka “keeping the peace” which I hate to do. I shouldn’t have to be silent to “keep peace”.
2 . Continue returning their energy even if it drains me to do so. I hate doing this too because stooping to their level only drains my mood. Misery loves company, why be the company ? While they may find arguing fun, I don’t. And I don’t argue just for the sake of going back and forth, I do it to avoid feeling helpless. But the cost of avoiding helplessness comes with energy sucking consequences. I’m tired of being on fight or flight. I just wanna fly away.
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2022.01.24 17:52 SpiritGriffon I want to +10 Summer Ogma. Should I pull on the DSH banner or wait for his normal rerun?

I'm not 100% sure how rates work on this banner- since there are two 4* focus (Ogma and Juno) does that mean he has a lower chance of appearing as a 4* than on his normal banner, (1.5% vs 3%,) or am I completely wrong and it's exactly the same? Thanks!
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2022.01.24 17:52 Haebak 16-year old boy was murdered in Mexico, and his friends took him to the place they used to play soccer, and let him score one last goal...

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2022.01.24 17:52 MeGotShadowbanned Senator Liz Brown thinks Delta 8 turns people into rapists - Senate Bill 209

First, big shout-out to Scapular_Fin for pointing SB209 out on this sub earlier today. The bill, which makes Delta 8 illegal, passed the Senate today. It will move to the house. Please contact your representative.
It should be noted that Liz Brown, the author of SB209, introduced her bill to the floor with a story about an IU student who took a Delta 8 gummy and went on to rape another student.
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2022.01.24 17:52 un_red Tattoo artwork by © FrankiyoTattoo.

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2022.01.24 17:52 FrontpageWatch2020 [#43|+40979|190] oh Tom… [r/oddlyspecific]

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2022.01.24 17:52 emilee_spinach Community rallies around Burnaby family after dog ‘Lucky’ killed in pit bull attack

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2022.01.24 17:52 prismatika_on_tumblr Tifa & Aerith [Final Fantasy] by Liang Xing (2022)

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2022.01.24 17:52 Josephballin69420 Need help with a halfling undead warlock

Warlock is my favorite class, but i always have trouble with making interesting characters that aren't overly smug or edgy. I always wanted to play a halfling and got to work combining it with the warlock. My idea is this: A lich chose to place their phylactery in the most unexpected place imaginable, a halfling. My character has lived peacefully for hundreds of years oblivious to the fact that he harbors the soul of an undead lich. Due to wars in the region his halfling village was burned to the ground by some army. With no reason to stay and driven by his halfling adventure lust he decided to go on an adventure helping the people around him. This is where the problem arises. My halfling has little to no idea of his powers, and I don’t know how I should play him. I don’t like the idea of him becoming a mindless monster during his form of dread, and I need a reason for him to use magic outside of combat as well. If you guys have any ideas or help I would greatly appreciate it.
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2022.01.24 17:52 DixieNormous76 The final DD

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2022.01.24 17:52 Richard__Stink When I'm thinking of Amber Gris I always picture Lisa Emery from Ozark

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2022.01.24 17:52 Jokers_Unwanted_Kid i know how to get minecraft and other games on our school laptops.

that’s it. just felt like bragging. carry on
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2022.01.24 17:52 AggressiveFigs Turns out a job I worked at 8 years ago had a 401k, and they recently let me know I could move it to my new account.

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