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2022.01.24 17:02 Life-Interview-9863 wow

wow these guys i remember them
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2022.01.24 17:02 HereBeORNG The start of my Spanish Occult Expedition force!

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2022.01.24 17:02 ZockerE2014 A question for players and dms. What are some tropes and features of characters and npc that tick you off or just make u mad ? And what are some experiences u had with them ?

As the title says just share some of those god afull trait and what did u experiences with them ?
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2022.01.24 17:02 procryptoclass $75M Blockchain Founders Fund II backs portfolio of P2E and Web3 projects

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2022.01.24 17:02 slayer531 First post.. Here’s my stuff

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2022.01.24 17:02 ColloriG Backpack reccomendation

looking to buy a decent backpack that can be updated with an ABS system over time.
For the moment i'm looking at the Mammut Light Removable Airbag 3.0 Ready. Does anybody have some experience with it? how good can you secure a board to the back?
Any other recomandations would also be great!
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2022.01.24 17:02 brandenpinion [Academic] Psychological Factors in Online Gaming (Play Online Video Games US 18+)

This is a survey for my thesis about the psychological factors that are involved in playing online video games. You will be anonymous when taking this survey and there is a consent form before taking the survey. Thank you very much!
link: https://fullerton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_bft6gySCJpVDz8y
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2022.01.24 17:02 nd3303 Should I wait for the new 2023 model?

Thinking about trading my wrangler for a new crosstrek but I know Subaru is updating it next year. Has anyone heard anything about the new one and/or do you think it’s worth waiting for?
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2022.01.24 17:02 McAlistair Pizza types guide

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2022.01.24 17:02 Datdoe1 What are your thoughts on buying used lego minifigures and collections?

Buying used collections is personally my favorite way to get more lego. It takes a lot of patient waiting, but I've found it to be the absolute best way to get awesome deals on sets and minifigures. I also just think it's fun going through others people's collections after buying them to see what they had been able to collect over the years. I think it's kind of nostalgic. I also like "the hunt" element of it when trying to see if you can find any great mini figures or sets through buying an entire collection. It's almost kind of like those storage war shows that people watch on TV.
I'd say I've actually amassed the vast majority of my lego collection through buying other peoples used lego. As someone who is very cheap, I rarely by sets straight from the store.
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2022.01.24 17:02 DarkSoulPraiseTheSun Spongebob intro but it's "oh yeah mr. krabs"

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2022.01.24 17:02 JoyBanglaLite Salam, brothers how do you cope up with the ongoing injustices in the world. I live in a poor asian countries, there are corruption and injustice everywhere. Even though it is a muslim country, most of the people are corrupted and unscrupulous, and it makes me very sad.

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2022.01.24 17:02 lucaschaudel This image hits hard, feel free to screenshot

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2022.01.24 17:02 Chellz99 Tried to play through Maxx C as a Dino player, fatal error

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2022.01.24 17:02 chefluke1 When you let a chef go and 4 months later they're still digging around old job adverts from the start of last year just to call you names 😅

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2022.01.24 17:02 Seen_Any_Elves I wish I was a tree

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2022.01.24 17:02 SkidsTheories Can you still get Into the Void

So my favorite camo in bo3 is into the void but I wasn't able to play back when it came out so is it still possible to pull from supply drops?
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2022.01.24 17:02 bovester Ricochet Driver?

I have Warzone/MW installed on 2 different PCs but there does not appear to be any Ricochet driver running on either one of them - I've been checking using the fltmc command, both with the game running and without the game running.
Can anyone on PC confirm if they see a driver for Ricochet? Both of these systems are up to date with latest patches, so I figured I would see something...
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2022.01.24 17:02 nokom [Japanese>English] Pottery Signature?

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2022.01.24 17:02 skotinoulis Do you get it?

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2022.01.24 17:02 kisslessvirgin1973 I can't enjoy TV

When I watch stuff with laugh tracks I always overanalyse them and how they use the same effect more than once. Also I always think about how they're scripted and not real at all. Really hard to concentrate on the actual thing that's happening sometimes.
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2022.01.24 17:02 clip_mirror_bot Improv singing about chopping people up

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2022.01.24 17:02 Necessary_Regret2367 Post 2 on Viewership

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2022.01.24 17:02 alex_cob Fun Facts About Every Country in the World

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2022.01.24 17:02 sebchu Counterplay to Shaco's Hallucinate (Ult)

Is it just 50% chance if you hit the right one you win, if not you lose? Some say the real one has less mana after the ult cast, but I've also seen it the other way round. If he plays assassin you don't have the time to check wether one gets more damaged than the other one because he kills you too fast. What exactly should you do after Shaco uses his ult?
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