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2022.01.24 16:11 eric_the_demon I edited Camilos weird face to look more normal

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2022.01.24 16:11 KarlKopp Conflict - This is the A.L.F

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2022.01.24 16:11 Gregamonster Un-hiding hidden abilities.

It's annoying to me that some abilities are only available as hidden abilities, which means most people are unable to use Pokemon with that ability through normal gameplay.
So here's my idea for some Pokemon we can give the exclusively hidden abilities to as their normal abilities.
Analytic boosts the power of a move if the Pokemon moves last.
I would make it Elgyem and Beheeyem's normal ability, in place of Synchronise, since there's already a crap ton of Psychic types with Synchronize.
Aroma Veil
Aroma Veil protects the Pokemon and other Pokemon on their side from effects that limit their move choices, such as Taunt, Torment, ect.
I would make it Spritzee and Aromatisse's normal ability, because they don't have a second normal ability. and it's dumb that the perfume Pokemon doesn't naturally have the perfume ability.
Flare Boost
Flare boost increases a Pokemon's Special attack when the Pokemon is burned.
I would make it Drifloon and Drifflim's normal ability, in place of Unburden, because they're the only Pokemon who have it as their hidden ability and plenty of other Pokemon have unburden as a non-hidden ability.
Friend Guard
Friend Guard reduces damage done to the Pokemon's allies in battle.
I would make it Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon's normal ability in place of Compound eyes, because they're the only full evolutionary line to have it and Compound eyes is common for bugs.
Gale Wings
Gale Wings gives flying type moves priority.
I would make it Fletchling, Fletchinder, and Talonflame's normal ability because they're the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and they don't have a second normal ability.
Galvanize turns Normal type moves to electric type and boosts their power a little.
I would make it Alola Geodude, Gravler, and Golem's normal ability, in place of Magnet Pull, because they're the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and Magnet Pull is the Magnamite line's thing.
Gooey lowers the speed of enemy Pokemon who make contact.
I would make it Goomy, Sligoo, and Goodra's normal ability, in place of Sap Sipper, because the Goodra Line are the only Pokemon with it as a hidden ability, and Sap Sipper is more common as a normal ability than Hydration.
Grass Pelt
Grass Pelt boosts defense on Grassy Terrain.
I would make it Skiddo and Gogoat's normal ability because they're the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and they don't have a second normal ability.
Harvest has a 50/50 chance of replacing a berry that has been used during the battle.
I would make it Exeggucute and both forms of Exeggutor's normal ability, because they don't have a second normal ability.
Ice Scales
Ice Scales halves damage from special moves.
I would make it Snom and Frosmoth's normal ability because they're the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and they don't have a second normal ability.
Imposter has the same effect as transform, only activating automatically.
I would make it Ditto's normal ability, because it's the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and it doesn't have a second normal ability.
Libero is mechanically identical to Protean, so I'll discuss them when we get down to Protean.
Liquid Voice
Liquid Voice turns sound based moves to water type.
I would give it to Tympole, Palpitoad, and Seismitoad, in place of Swift Swim, because they're the only water types that aren't starters who have a sound theme and practically every water type has Swift Swim.
Long Reach
Long Reach causes contact moves to not make contact.
I would give it to Clauncher and Clawitzer, because they have the big gun and they don't have a second normal ability.
Mirror Armor
Mirror Armor bounces back the stat lowering effects the pokemon receives.
I would make Corviknight's normal ability, in place of pressure because it's the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability, and pressure is just kinda a lame ability.
Moody raises a random stat by two stages and the lowers a different random stat by one stage every turn.
I would make it Snorunt and Glalie's normal ability, in place of inner focus, because it matches their personality and ton's of Pokemon have Inner Focus.
Multiscale reduces damage taken when at full HP.
I would make it Dragonite's normal ability, because it doesn't have a second normal ability.
Perish Body
Perish Body gives a perish count of 3 to a Pokemon who makes contact with it.
I would make it Cursola's normal ability because it's the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and it doesn't have a second normal ability.
Pickpocket steals the held item of a Pokemon who makes contact with it.
I would make it Impidimp, Morgrem, and Grimmsnarl's normal ability in place of frisk, because plenty of other Pokemon have frisk.
Power of Alchemy
Power of Alchemy replaces itself with the ability of an ally that faints in battle.
I would make it Alolan Grimer and Muk's normal ability, in place of Gluttony, because plenty of other Pokemon have Glutony.
Propeller Tail
Propeller tail ignores effects that draw in moves, such as Storm Drain or Follow Me.
I would make it Arrokuda and Barraskewda's normal ability, because they're the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and they don't have a second normal ability.
Protean changes the pokemon's type to the type of the move they're about to use.
I would make it Kecleon's normal ability, because it's the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and it doesn't have a second normal ability.
Stalwart is mechanically identical to Propeller Tail, so it's already been dealt with.
Steely Spirit
Steely Spirit is mechanically identical to Steelworker, which is already a non-hidden move.
Symbiosis causes the Pokemon to pass their held item to their ally if the ally consumes their held item.
I would make it Flabébé, Floette, Florges's normal ability, because they don't have a second normal ability.
Toxic Boost
Toxic Boost increases the power of physical moves when the Pokemon is poisoned.
I would make it Zangoose's normal ability because it's the only Pokemon to have it as a hidden ability and it doesn't have a second normal ability.
Zen Mode
Zen Mode changes the Pokemon's form to a different form when they are at low HP.
I would make it Darmanitan's normal ability in both forms because they don't have a second normal ability and WHY THE HELL IS THIS A HIDDEN ABILITY IT'S DARMANITAN'S WHOLE GIMMICK WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?
Now. some of you may be thinking: These abilities are way too powerful to be normal abilities.
But relative power between Pokemon only really matters in competitive play, where people will go out of their way to get the hidden ability anyways if it's any good.
The only real thing this changes is making these abilities available in a PvE playthrough. If you still don't like them having it then just use their second ability and let other people have nice things.
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2022.01.24 16:11 Trashboat51 Cum check out new utah reddit r/draperandsandyHookup

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2022.01.24 16:11 burned_to_ash My life is making me sick

I don't know if anyone will answer, but I would love to get some support. I'm (22F) never really did something in my life.... For me. Mostly because of my parents.
I wanted to have a year "Free" while figuring out what I want, after school but my mom told me that nobody would take me after, with a year "Free". So I took the opportunity from my aunt, to work in a hospital, get trained to be a Med-Tech. I hated it, felt dumb and couldn't make it into second year. I have severe dyscalculia. And that training is all about math, physics and Chemistry. So my absolut nemesis.
I ended the training and changed into the training to be a nurse in the same hospital. And I also hate that. I fucking hate it. But I can't stop now, I'm in the third year, but I know I won't get my license, because the law changed and I can't get half a year more or Repeat the whole year. But I'm can't get the test, I know, I can't. I'm so fucking scared of tests and exams that I'm near Fainting everytime. I forget everything.
When I tell my mom, she always tells me to learn more, but I'm also the worst learner. I can't concentrate for the life of me. I have severe adhd, but don't take meds, because I felt so sick, that I just wouldn't take them anymore, when I was first diagnosed.
I hate my job, I hate how I look, because I'm eating myself fat, and I can't stop, because I can't get my ass off, because nothing makes me happy in my life. Except for my gf, who lives 600km away.
My mental healts drops faster, I feel so numb and I just don't want to anymore. But I don't know how to get out of this... With "Just do it" is it not made. I can't just do it. I'm scared. But nobody seems to take me seriously.
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2022.01.24 16:11 AncoraK I've never realised my bosses true colours until now

I love my job, I'm a tattooist who works in a beautiful, busy studio with a rich history.
However things have been brought to light now I'm seeing everything differently. I wanna keep this short as possible so some things I wanna rant about and just get this all out of my head.

My friend pointed out that people notice, one client said to my colleague that they're a "right misery". I don't know what to think anymore, I always wanted to run this studio one day but I don't know if I can hold out that long. I'm surrounded by negative people in my work life and my personal life. I'm burning out, I'm at the end of my wick nearly and the flame is gonna be gone. Soon.
Thanks reddit to give me a place to vent properly. Thanks to anyone who read and I hope someone can emphasise.
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2022.01.24 16:11 BiggBoii01 Question

Hey everyone so I'm in high school and was picking classes for 10th grade school year, they gave me ROTC and I dont want to take that so I switched it to physc 1 and pshyc 2 is pshyc 2 harder than pshyc 1 or is it just learning different things, thanks everyone
Its Hillsborough county if that helps
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2022.01.24 16:11 magicmantesla What sex position is incredibly overrated?

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2022.01.24 16:11 InfiniteLivingBeing Do we create our own reality?

As a kid, I always imagining what I want. At school I dont listen to lectures, all I do is look outside and think about having a motorcycle, even if Im not allowed to ride that time because I was too young but I always getting lost and consumed thinking about it.
But for me it feels real everytime I visualize it and months went by my grandpa bought me what I was thinking. It was heaven on earth. I almost ride it everyday and I am the only one who have that mc in the neighborhood before the others got one. (Search for pocket bikes).
So now as an adult it feels like it is not working anymore. It feels like I dont have that power when I was a kid. I felt like I lost it growing up, studying and working to the "real world". Then reality hits hard. Lots of unexpected things happen. Breaks my heart and I became hard on my self.
I always want to go back to that wondrous world of imagination when everything seems real and in my case it became a reality.
What are your thoughts? Thank you for reading
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2022.01.24 16:11 Earl_I_Lark They grow and change so quickly. But every stage has been fun.

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2022.01.24 16:11 toybox549 VICTON'S Chronograph is already one of the best title tracks this year

I am not a VICTON fan at all, but Chronograph needs to be recognized as one of the best BG, if not K-Pop, singles of 2022 so far. The mid-2010s SM pure pop sound really works for them, their vocal line is amazing, and the rap section is phenomenal.
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2022.01.24 16:11 kjs100 YouTube hacks

A number of crypto related YouTubers were hacked today and one guy said his YouTube account was hacked despite using a Google Titan. Does this suggest that hardware keys can be compromised?
I use my Yubikey for a crypto account. How confident can I be that my account can't be hacked?
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2022.01.24 16:11 jeffpaapaa HiveOS keeps dying. Asus motherboard 6 cards 3 rx6600’s an Rx 580 a gym 3060 LHR and a 3060ti LHR.

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2022.01.24 16:11 Aki008035 It's a prank shipping service that ships stuff while adding those custom weird labels byw

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2022.01.24 16:11 Bestwank_ Runka på snap?

Någon runt 18 mer elle mindre spelar ingen roll typ, adda lud.west p snap
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2022.01.24 16:11 LampseederBroDude51 The Gambia upset Guinea in the AFCON Round of 16

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2022.01.24 16:11 LadyAmalthea86 Streaming Fall Guys at 3pm EST. Link in the comments. Much silliness is sure to be had!

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2022.01.24 16:11 SirCheeseAlot Some Pete Walker quotes on Freeze types you might find useful.

Finally, freeze types and freeze subtypes also typically benefit from various types of movement therapy and aerobic exercise regimes. Moreover, assertiveness training and anger release work are especially helpful for survivors who have difficulty accessing their assertiveness or instincts of self-protection.
Untraumatized people also freeze appropriately and give up and quit struggling when further activity or resistance is futile or counterproductive. Additionally, the freeze response is sometimes our first response to danger, as when we become still, quiet and camouflaged to buy time, to assess the danger and decide whether fight, flight, continued freeze or fawn is our best option
Many freeze types hide away in their rooms and reveries fully convinced that the world of relating holds nothing for them. Freeze type who have not been totally turned off relationships by horrible childhood neglect or abuse, gravitate to online relationships. Online relating can be pursued safely at home with as little contact as desired.
The freeze response, also known as the camouflage response, often triggers a survivor into hiding, isolating and avoiding human contact. The freeze type can be so frozen in the retreat mode that it seems as if their starter button is stuck in the “off” position. Of all the 4F’s, freeze types seem to have the deepest unconscious belief that people and danger are synonymous. While all 4F types commonly suffer from social anxiety as well, freeze types typically take a great deal more refuge in solitude. Some freeze types completely give up on relating to others and become extremely isolated. Outside of fantasy, many also give up entirely on the possibility of love.
It is often the scapegoat or the most profoundly abandoned child, “the lost child”, who is forced to habituate to the freeze response. Not allowed to successfully employ fight, flight or fawn responses, the freeze type’s defenses develop around classical or right-brain dissociation. Dissociation allows the freeze type to disconnect from experiencing his abandonment pain, and protects him from risky social interactions - any of which might trigger feelings of being retraumatized. If you are a freeze type, you may seek refuge and comfort by dissociating in prolonged bouts of sleep, daydreaming, wishing and right-brain-dominant activities like TV, online browsing and video games. Freeze types sometimes have or appear to have Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD]. They often master the art of changing the internal channel whenever inner experience becomes uncomfortable. When they are especially traumatized or triggered, they may exhibit a schizoidlike detachment from ordinary reality. And in worst case scenarios, they can decompensate into a schizophrenic experience like the main character in the book, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.
Recovery for freeze types involves three key challenges. First, their positive relational experiences are few if any. They are therefore extremely reluctant to enter into the type of intimate relationship that can be transformative. They are even less likely to seek the aid of therapy. Moreover, those who manage to overcome this reluctance often spook easily and quickly terminate. Second, freeze types have two commonalities with fight types. They are less motivated to try to understand the effects of their childhood traumatization. Many are unaware that they have a troublesome inner critic or that they are in emotional pain. Furthermore, they tend to project the perfectionistic demands of the critic onto others rather than onto themselves. This survival mechanism helped them as children to use the imperfections of others as justification for isolation. In the past, isolation was smart, safety-seeking behavior. Third, even more than workaholic flight types, freeze types are in denial about the life narrowing consequences of their singular adaptation. Some freeze types that I have worked with seem to have significant periods of contentment with their isolation. I think they may be able to self-medicate by releasing the internal opioids that the animal brain is programmed to release when danger is so great that death seems imminent. Internal opioid release is more accessible to freeze types because the freeze response has its own continuum that culminates with the collapse response. The collapse response is an extreme abandonment of consciousness. It appears to be an out-of-body experience that is the ultimate dissociation. It can sometimes be seen in prey animals that are about to be killed. I have seen nature films of small animals in the jaws of a predator that show it letting go so thoroughly that its death appears to be painless. However, the opioid production that some freeze types have access to, only takes the survivor so far before its analgesic properties no longer function. Numbed out contentment then morphs into serious depression. This in turn can lead to addictive self-medicating with substances like alcohol, marijuana and narcotics. Alternatively, the freeze type can gravitate toward ever escalating regimens of anti-depressants and anxiolytics. I also suspect that some schizophrenics are extremely traumatized freeze types who dissociate so thoroughly that they cannot find their way back to reality. Several of my freeze type respondents highly recommend a self-help book by Suzette Boon, entitled Coping with Trauma-related Dissociation. This book is filled with very helpful work sheets that are powerful tools for recovering. More than any other type, the freeze type usually requires a therapeutic relationship, because their isolation prevents them from discovering relational healing through a friendship. That said, I know of some instances where good enough relational healing has come through pets and the safer distant type of human healing that can be found in books and online internet groups.
The progression of recovery for a freeze type is often as follows. Gradual trust building allows the recoveree to open to psychoeducation about the role of dreadful parenting in his suffering. This then paves the way for the work of shrinking his critic, which in turn promotes the work of grieving the losses of childhood. The anger work of grieving is especially therapeutic for freeze types as is an aerobic exercise regime. Both help resuscitate the survivor’s dormant will and drive.
The Flight-Freeze type is the least relational and most schizoid hybrid. He prefers the safety of do-it-yourself isolationism. Sometimes this type may also be misdiagnosed as Asperger’s Syndrome. The flight-freeze type avoids potential relationship-retraumati-zation with an obsessivecompulsive/dissociative “two-step.” Step one is working to complete exhaustion. Step two is collapsing into extreme “veging out”, and waiting until his energy reaccumulates enough torelaunch into step one. The price for this type of no-longer-necessary safety is a severely narrowed existence. The flight-freeze cul-de-sac is more common among men, especially those traumatized for being vulnerable in childhood. This then drives them to seek safety in isolation or “intimacy-lite” relationships. Some non-alpha type male survivors combine their flight and freeze defenses to become stereotypical technology nerds. Telecommuting is, of course, their preferred mode. Flight-freeze types are the computer addicts who focus on work for long periods of time and then drift off dissociatively into computer games, substance abuse or sleep-bingeing. Flight-freeze types are prone to becoming porn addicts. When in flight mode, they obsessively surf the net for phantom partners and engage in compulsive masturbation. When in freeze mode, they drift off into a right-brain sexual fantasy world if pornography is unavailable. Moreover, if they are in intimacy-lite relationship, they typically engage more with their idealized fantasy partners than with their actual partner during real time sexual interactions.
These types rarely seek recovery on their own initiative. A colleague of mine told me about a fight-freeze type who was dragged into therapy by his wife. She complained that she was lucky to get ten words out of him in a week. She was at the end of her rope and if therapy did not fix him, she was filing for divorce. The husband was a computer engineer who telecommuted and only left his home office for bathroom breaks and meals which were eaten separately from his wife. He bullied his wife into providing these meals according to a written schedule that he e-mailed to her. My colleague’s initial “Hello” to the husband was met with a scowl and a grunt. Intuitively, she kept the focus off him as much as possible, but each delicate attempt to make connection with him was rebuffed with sarcastic scorn. “You expect me to fall for that phony smile?”; “You’re not gonna shrink me with your psychobabble!” My colleague, who is the most compassionate, non-intrusive person I know, was not able to crack the prickly fight shell that guarded this poor man’s extreme social withdrawal. No miracle was performed, and my colleague said she was amazed in retrospect that he even lasted twenty minutes before he left in a wake of hostility and resentment. I have met with fight-freeze types a few times in similar circumstances, i.e., they were dragged into therapy under the threat of divorce. Each was like the character in the famous poem: “The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table.” The fight-freeze is a yin or passive narcissist. He demands that things go his way, but he is not much interested in having any human interaction. No one gets to talk at the table, not even him – unless of course someone needs to be put in their place. The fight-freeze type is a John Wayne couch potato, dominating family life with foul moods and monosyllabic grunts and curses. He is typically as untreatable as the extreme fight types mentioned earlier.
The toddler who bypasses the adaptation of the flight defense may drift into developing the freeze response and become the “lost child.” This child escapes his fear by slipping more and more deeply into dissociation. He learns to let his parents’ verbal and emotional abuse “go in one ear and out the other.” It is not uncommon for this type to devolve in adolescence into the numbing substance addictions of pot, alcohol, opiates and other “downers”.
The fawn-freeze is typically the most codependently entrenched subtype. Not all scapegoats are fawn-freeze, but since fawn and freeze types are both prone to extreme self-denial, many end up in a scapegoat position. This is also because these are the two most passive of the four F’s. They have both typically suffered the most punishment or rejection for asserting themselves in the toddler stage. When the fawn-freeze is not able to escape the scapegoat role in childhood, she is then set up to be similarly victimized in adulthood. In worst case scenarios fawn-freezes are easily recognized by fight types who take them captive. They may then turn them into doormats and subject them to domestic violence [DV]. Sometimes, the fawn-freeze does not even recognize that she is being abused. Other times she blames herself [as she had to in childhood]
As stated earlier, perfectionism also seems to be an instinctual defense for emotionally abandoned children. The existential impossibility of perfection saves the child from giving up, unless or until lack of success forces her to retreat into a dissociative freeze response or an antisocial fight response. Perfectionism also provides a sense of meaning and direction for the powerless and unsupported child. Striving to be perfect offers her a semblance of a sense of control. Selfcontrol is also safer to pursue because abandoning parents typically reserve their severest punishment for children who are vocal about their negligence. As the quest for perfection fails over and over, and as parental acceptance and nurturing remain elusive, imperfection becomes synonymous with shame and fear. Perceived imperfection triggers fear of abandonment, which triggers self-hate for imperfection, which expands abandonment into self-abandonment. This in turn amps fear up even further, which in turn intensifies self-disgust, etc. On and on it goes in a downward spiral of fear and shame-encrusted depression. It can go on for hours, days, weeks, and for those with severe Cptsd, can become their standard mode of being
Freeze and Fight types are often polarized to the outer critic. Fawn types tend to be dominated by the inner critic. Flight types can have the most variance in inner and outer critic ratio. Your subtype can also have a big influence on this. The Freeze type can judgmentally denounce the entire outside world to justify her all-ornone belief that people are dangerous.
Dissociation is a defense that children develop to distract and protect themselves from the overwhelming pain of their abandonment. As unsupported children, we have to dissociate because we are not able to effectively grieve. We have to protect ourselves by not allowing the full brunt of our pain into awareness. As we saw in chapter 6, there are two common types of dissociation: right-brain dissociation and left-brain dissociation. Right-brain dissociation can be seen as classical dissociation and as the defense most common to freeze types. It is the right-brain process of numbing out against intense feeling or incessant inner critic attack. Dissociation is once again a process of distraction. Survivorscommonly experience it as getting lost in fantasy, fogginess, TV, tiredness or sleep.
The Freeze/Dissociative type, who learned early to seek safety in the camouflage of silence, often needs a great deal of encouragement to discover and talk about his inner experience. Psychoeducation can help him understand how his healthy narcissistic need to express himself was never nurtured in his family. Furthermore, freeze types can easily get lost in superficial and barely relevant free associations as they struggle to learn to talk about themselves. This of course needs to be welcomed for some time, but eventually we must help him see that his flights of fantasy or endless dream elaborations are primarily manifestations of his dissociative defense. Freeze types need to learn that emotionally disconnected talking is an old childhood habit that was developed to keep them buoyant above their undealt with emotional pain. Because of this, we must repeatedly guide them toward their feelings so that they can learn to express their most important concerns.
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